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BEST FILM – Eine Welt Filmpreis NRW 2015 (One World Film Award North Rhine-Westphalia 2015)
Is democracy possible? Over several years JAKARTA DISORDER observes the development of the Indonesian civil society – which led to the election of Joko Widodo as the country's new president in 2014. The documentary tells the story of two courageous women in Jakarta who fight for the participation of the urban poor in the young democracy. The rapidly growing housing development leads to the displacement of many traditional living quarters. That's why the two women form a social movement of slum-dwellers. Together with their friends they decide to fight against this injustice and to engage in the presidential elections… JAKARTA DISORDER shows the origines of the rise of "Jokowi", aka Joko Widodo, the new president of Indonesia.

89 min., PAL, 16:9 Widescreen, Stereo + 5.1 Surround
Original Language: Indonesian, English
Subtitles: English, German, Spanish, Indonesian, Chinese (long + short)


DVD provides free access to all three films of TRILOGI JAWA as VOD-stream
JAKARTA DISORDER is the second part TRILOGI JAWA, the "Javanese Trilogy" by documentary artist Ascan Breuer – "Outstanding Artist 2015" (Republic of Austria). The other two parts, PARADISE LATER (Berlinale 2010) and RIDING MY TIGER (Visions Du Réel 2014) can be watched online as VoD at www.flimmit.com. The DVD includes a code to get free access to the video streams of the complete trilogy!
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