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He is among the few German-speaking actors who became international stars: Maximilian Schell (*8 Dec. 1930 †1 Feb. 2014). Early in his career, he won the Academy Award (Oscar®) for Best Leading Actor for his role in judgment at nuremberg (us 1961, dir. Stanley Kramer). With marlene (frg/fr/cs1983/84), he made a name for himself as a talented director. His portrait of the legendary Marlene Dietrich re­ceived international awards for Best Documentary. 

The book Maximilian Schell is a volume of essays and images presenting a career that spanned six decades. Documents from Schell’s artistic estate are paired with expressive photographs and illustrate the contributions by and about the Oscar® winner. A cosmopolitan, rebellious, eccentric, curious about life in all its aspects to the end. Maximilian Schell lived in Munich, Zurich and Los Angeles, but he had only one true home, his family’s mountain estate in the Austrian Alps. He was engaged in many fields: film, theater, music, painting and literature; a connoisseur and passionate collector of post-war and contemporary art. As a director, producer and actor, Schell often chose literary subjects, adapting Franz Kafka’s The Castle, Friedrich Dürrenmatt’s The Judge and His Hangman and Ödön von Horváth’s Tales from the Vienna Woods for film. 

An artist not limited to a single medium, a single language, or a single form. Over the course of his life, he always found new possi­bilities and remained a seeker, keen to find the right expression for himself.



"... an opulent, beautifully designed catalogue." hr2 culture, 11.12.2019
"... with excellent texts and many photos ..." Rhein-Zeitung, 15.12.2019
"The richly illustrated catalogue with its expert essays offers an excellent basis for further study of the artist."  Filmdienst, 11.12.2019



Titel: Maximilian Schell
Person(en): Reichmann, Hans-Peter; Bastian, Isabelle Louise
Organisation(en): Deutsches Filminstitut (Verlag)
Verlag: Frankfurt am Main : Deutsches Filminstitut
Zeitliche Einordnung: Erscheinungstermin: Dezember 2019
Umfang/Format: 320 Seiten
ISBN/Einband/Preis: 978-3-88799-110-4 : EUR 39.80 (DE), EUR 41.00 (AT); 3-88799-110-9
EAN: 9783887991104
Sprache(n): Englisch (eng)

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